Red Led Flashlight

Led Flashing Light Gm 108 Led
  • Hi Bright 60 Led's
  • Patented Led Disc and Led Disc Tower Design
  • Input Voltage: 12V DC
  • Visible all around i.e. 3600

Rechargeable Led Flashlight

Led Flashing Light G 31 Sq
  • Hi Bright 31 Led's
  • Patented Led Reflector and Lens Technology Design
  • Input Voltage 12V DC
  • Visible upto 1 km

Led Flash Light

Led Search Light Mini Visibeam Led
  • Hi Power Led Search Light
  • Low Power and High Power Mode
  • 300 Meters Beam
  • Nickel Cadmium Rechargeable
  • Very light Weight

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